About Us

Ensidor Technology is a professional valve manufacturer located in the heart of Europe.
From HQ office in Budapest, Hungary and production premises in Nové Zamky, Slovakia, our qualified employees produce valves for the Oil&Gas industry, cryogenic and various industrial processing applications. Our production facility has good access by car and train from Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna International airports.

Manufacturing facilities

Our 1000 m2 manufacturing facility has three accesses for trucks and is equipped with heavy lifting machinery. The production premises consist of:
• Area for quality control and storage of incoming materials
• Assembly and machines area for regular industrial valves
• Cleanroom for valves of severe application mediums
• Test area (bunker) for pneumatic, hydraulic and cryogenic testing
• Finished product storage area
• Packing and shipping area

The company strives for innovation, therefore, it stepped into the lean process of complete in-house cleanroom production according to ISO 14644-1, consisting of decontamination, assembly and testing in zero-contamination environment for the most demanding mediums:

• LNG, Oxygen and other Industrial gases
• Pharmaceutical applications
• Bio-tech, Food and beverage industries
• Aerospace industry

Industries served

• Oil&Gas
• Oxygen and Industrial Gases
• Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
• Aerospace
• Renewables
• Chemical and Petrochemical
• Pulp and Paper
• Water and Wastewater
• Mining
• Marine and Offshore

STANDARDS AND TESTING: The company produces on-off valves according to API, ASME and DIN standards. Besides, State-of-art lean process includes: • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU • NDT (MT, UT, RT, DPT, etc) • Decontamination cleaning standards, such as PRAXAIR GS-42 and Linde LS 141-74 • Assembly in Cleanroom environment according to ISO 14644-1 • API 607/ ISO 10497 fire resistance tests • API 598 pressure testing • Fugitive emissions testing ISO 15848-1 • Cryogenic tests with liquid nitrogen (-196C) and helium according to BS 6364:1984 and MESC SPE 77-200/ SPE 77-306 (upon request) • Non-decontamination protective packing

Ensidor Technology works according to Health, Safety and Environment system and is certified in compliance with international standards


Standards and testing
EAC certificate
EAC 032
EAC 010
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